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This 7-Step Proven Method allows you to discover, work through AND overcome any food & body challenge. Finally feel the accomplishment of sustainable, empowering healthy habits!

This is habit-change from the inside out.

If you're a goal-oriented boss girl, but you experience challenges with sticking to your self-care, your movement routine, and actually implementing those healthy meals into your day, THIS program is for you.

Through a curated transformational process, you'll be taken through 7 lessons that help you uncover WHY you have unwanted food and body behaviors, WHAT TOXIC beliefs around weight and nutrition might be holding you back, and HOW you can leap into new, and most importantly, LASTING habits with food, fitness, body image and mindset.

If you've been in an all or nothing relationship with food, or feeling overwhelmed by "how far gone you are", take a deep breath, and keep reading.

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What You Get:

  •  All 7 lessons of the Food & Body Breakthrough Method via my signature audio Trainings.
  • A copy of the Food & Body Breakthrough workbook: complete with transformational homework exercises to take you from breakdown to breakthrough with food, fitness and mindset!
  •  Lifetime access to the online support community
  •  Lifetime access to all materials.
  •  BONUS: A completion certificate when you let us know you finished! Email tessie@tessietracy.com (#accountability101 #amiright)
  •  BONUS: The HAPIE Goal Planner and Habit Tracker PDF - a 5-step goal-setting method for healthy habits from the inside out, with 90 days of tracking, and tutorial videos included!
  • BONUS: A 1 hour coaching call with me! (valued at $199!)

I can't wait for you to join the journey.

I guarantee this course is going to expand your sense of what's possible when it comes to your relationship with food & body.
We'll get to the root of your challenge, because that's where the transformation is. Anyone can look up "eat this, not that" information, or fad diets, or fitness programs. 

It's time to zone in on YOUR unique journey, so you can say buh bye to unwanted habits, and say hello to a confident, fit, body positive you

She's in there now, it's time to bring her into the spotlight! I'm going to give you all the tools you need to succeed. Get ready to learn, reflect, have aha! moments, and of course, have fun!

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