The H.A.P.I.E Girl Goal Guide

Go from goal to lifestyle in Food, Fitness and Mindset! 

I'm Ready!

You're a health & wellness Goal-Getter!

(In fact, you probably have a book-shelf full of personal growth books, and who knows how many half-full journals)

And while you understand the value of investing in your personal development, you still have multiple habits and behaviors with food, fitness and mindset that you just can't seem to hold on to... 

--> Are you hitting the workouts hard for a few weeks, only to end up falling off to the point where you can't remember the last time you stepped foot in the gym? 

--> Maybe you're constanly wondering what the best way to eat is for you? 

--> Do you long for the feeling of true body love, but only picture that happening once you achieve a specific physique?


I get it. You're ready to level-up your food, fitness & self-love habits, but you need a clear system, accountability and encouragement!

I N T R O D U C I N G, T H E... 

H.A.P.I.E. Girl Goal Guide & Habit Tracker!  

Food & Body Edition 

This is THE ULTIMATE system to set, track and achieve all your food, fitness and self-love goals! This breakthrough guide gets you from goal to lifestyle!

This Has Been Created For YOU!

The growth-minded boss girl ready to finally breakthrough to her healthiest self!

T H E... 

H.A.P.I.E Girl Goal Guide & Habit Tracker! 

Food & Body Edition 

Created by Certified Eating Psychology Coach & Fitness Expert Tessie Tracy

This is NOT just another book to sit on your shelf! 

Being a member of the #goalguidetribe means you will have access to community, support and guidance throughout your journey!  

 Some unique benefits of owning the goal guide & habit tracker include:  

--> Being part of a private online community where we all connect, share tips, and encourage each other  

--> Having access to Tessie as a coach via bi-monthly support videos to keep you accountable to your new habits!  

--> Getting early invites to in-person workshops where we #goalget together!  

--> Receiving regular additional tools from Tessie like recipes, quotes, workouts, eating psychology tips, and more! 

Check out some of the Key Features inside!  

 The "H.A.P.I.E. Goal Method™" sets you up for success! 

Tessie created this 5-step system to help you set, achieve and live out your health goals in a way that feels doable, motivating, encouraging and fun! 

These 5 guidelines are based on Tessie's experience coaching hundreds of women, as well as her education in eating psychology, mind-body nutrition, personal training, emotional intelligence, and group fitness coaching. She's also been using this method to achieve her own goals, and couldn't wait to share it with the World!  

Here they are, in a nutshell:  

1. HABIT-BASED: Instead of focusing ONLY on clothing size, scale numbers and body composition, this method encourages you to ALSO set goals in a way that focuses on weekly habits that feel right for you! 

2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT & CELEBRATION: Creating a routine of self-acknowledgement has scientifically been proven to help us stay motivated when working to take on new habits! 

3. PETITELY PROGRESSIVE: aka #babysteps to the max! Tessie walks you through the process of sustainable habit change with guidance on how much to take on, when and for how long, etc. 

4. INTERNALLY-FOCUSSED: This is all about grounding ourselves in our WHY, and really making sure we're creating goals for ourselves and our highest health, not for society/our significant other/peers/external validation.  

5. EXPERIMENTAL: This guidelines shows you how to frame your #goalgetting in a time-based way with measurement and reflection, so you can have an honest assessment of whether you might need to repeat, renegotiate, or release a goal!  

*A Goal Guide & Habit Tracker designed to help you get clear on your health goals and take lasting action NOW!  

Only 4 copies available for the rest of 2020! 

$40 - Now Just $24.99 (plus s+h)


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