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Your Healthy Summer Bucket List

June 16, 2023

Whether you’re trying to brainstorm healthy habits or exciting activities, this healthy bucket list has got ya covered. Let’s explore 10 feel-good things to do in Summertime, so you can make the most of the sunny days.

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10 Things to Do This Season

Hey there, sunshine! Summer is a time filled with warmth (although the first half of June in Denver has been super rainy lol) adventure, and joy. Even though Summer can feel different once we’re adults (unless you’re a teacher maybe) to me it still has an essence of fun, relaxation and ease.

Whether you’re trying to brainstorm healthy habits or exciting activities, this healthy bucket list has got ya covered. Let’s explore 10 feel-good things to do in Summertime, so you can make the most of the sunny days. 

These activities are designed to help stress and pressure melt away (like that ice cream you’ll be having by the beach or at the park). Get ready to create unforgettable memories and experience the magic of Summer vibes!

1 – 🧘🏽‍♀️ Rise and Shine with Sunrise Yoga:

It’s an early start, which I know does NOT alway sound appealing lol. But it doesn’t have to be every day. I know when I get movement early in the morning, it truly lights up the rest of my day. I’m more productive, positive and present.

Try a rejuvenating yoga session, or even just a stretch and meditation. Find a spot outdoors and let the gentle rays of the rising sun guide your experience. Breathe, stretch, and embrace the tranquility of the early hours. 

If you need inspiration or a guided class, I recommend:

2 – 🧜🏽‍♀️ Get in the Water:

Get your mermaid on and go for a swim at a pool, lake, river or ocean near you. Or go to a water park. 

Don’t know how to swim for exercise? Look up a local rec center to take a lesson! Own the season by putting on that swimsuit and have a splashin’ good time.

3 – 🧺 Have a Healthy Picnic in the Park:

Pack a delicious and nutritious picnic filled with wholesome treats. Grab a blanket, fresh fruits, crunchy veggies, hummus (or my fave, bitchin’ sauce), whole-grain wraps, and some fruit-infused water. 

Keep it simple. You can make food or swing by Whole Foods. Just be sure to plan it and actually do it. 

That goes for all of these, really. Head to your favorite park, find a shady spot, and savor a yummy picnic surrounded by nature’s beauty.

4 – 🍒 Indulge in Farmers Market Goodies:

Ok, this is by far one of my favorite Summer and early Fall activities. Visit a local farmers market to experience the vibrant colors and flavors of the season. 

Explore booths filled with fresh, organic produce, and support local farmers. Invite a friend to come, grab a coffee and a treat while you walk around and take it all in. 

One of the coolest things about farmers markets is that the produce is going to highlight seasonal fruits, veggies and herbs. It’s been shown that when we eat foods in season, they are often higher in nutrients, and metabolized optimally by our bodies. 

5 – 🏃🏽‍♀️ Try Outdoor HIIT Workouts:

Get your heart pumping and sweat it out with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. Find a sunny spot in your backyard, a park, or even a rooftop, and challenge yourself with bodyweight exercises like burpees, squats, and mountain climbers. I used to workout on the roof of one of my LA apartments and I miss it so much!

HIIT training is a time-efficient and effective way to stay fit and strong really all year long. You can also look up “outdoor bootcamp near me” and see what pops up. 

It’s always better with people! It keeps us more accountable, we usually push harder in the workout, and when we do a group workout, it increases the amount of feel-good hormones released. 

6 – 🍎 Go Fruit Picking:

I haven’t tried this one but it sounds like a fun day-date or family outing. How fun does it sound to hand-pick fresh fruits at a local orchard or farm? 

Whether it’s plump berries, juicy peaches, or crisp apples, the experience of getting out and finding your own produce straight from the source sounds awesome. Talk about enjoying the fruits of your labor 😀

7 – 🚶🏿‍♀️ Walk Your Walk:

Try to take mindful walks to cultivate a sense of presence and peace. Be intentional about engaging your senses as you observe the colors, sounds, and textures surrounding you. 

Take in the beauty of flowers, trees, and wildlife. Mindful walking nourishes both your body and soul, allowing you to fully appreciate the magic of the summer season.

8 – 🍗 Host a Healthy Barbecue:

Gather with friends and family for a healthy BBQ. Ok, it doesn’t have to be the ultimate “healthy” meal. But you can upgrade the food quality by swapping fries for sweet potato fries. Make chicken wings, veggie burgers or grilled chicken sandwiches instead of burgers and hot dogs. 

You can also include grilled vegetables, fruit skewers, a salad and veggie chips. Have lettuce wraps ready too, and people can have a protein style burger or chicken sandwich. Don’t feel you have to do it all. 

Remember, food is about the taste and experience too, not about being on a diet or restricting our favorite treats. Even editing 2-3 elements of a meal to increase the nutritional value is super beneficial!

9 – 🚴🏾‍♀️ Take a Bike Ride:

Hop on your bike and explore your neighborhood or nearby trails. We don’t own bikes, so we’re going to rent bikes and explore a trail here in the Mile High City.

Cycling is a wonderful way to have fun and get movement in at the same time. It doesn’t really “feel” like a workout when you’re just pedaling along, enjoying the view and the company (even if it’s just you with YOU ;). 

10 – 🍹 Create Healthy Summer Smoothie Recipes:

Experiment with some refreshing and nutritious smoothie recipes. This can be a sneaky way to actually get more veggies in, too! 

There are so many delicious combinations. Sip on these cool, creamy delights packed with vitamins and minerals. I would also recommend making your own popsicles! Though it’s a little more time consuming, but a fun activity. 


  1. Vanilla Protein Smoothie (with Spinach shhhh) 
  2. Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie (my fave. You can make vanilla or for chocolate, just add cocoa powder)
  3. Homemade Popsicles 

🌅 BONUS BUCKET LIST ITEM – Watch the Sunset:

This might happen more than once, so not necessarily a “bucket list” item. But sometimes we forget to slow down and watch a sunset. So here’s your reminder. 

Take a moment to pause and watch the mesmerizing beauty of the sunset. Find a cozy spot, whether it’s by the beach, on a rooftop, or in your backyard, and let the colors of the sky dazzle you. 

Reflect on the day, express gratitude for the summer’s blessings, and embrace the peacefulness that accompanies the transition from day to night.


Summer is a time to bask in the sun, nourish your body and soul, and create beautiful memories. Whether you’re embracing healthy habits or just wanting fun adventurous ideas, these 10 activities will add a spark of magic to your summer days. 

So, seize the season, and savor every moment of this journey. Here’s to a summer filled with health, happiness, and unforgettable experiences.

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