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Want to get fit, eat healthy, AND heal any negative food & body beliefs along the way? You're in the right place! Let's face it... a 'goal weight' or 'eating perfectly' doesn't mean we'll be happy, healthy, or confident, amiright?! I learned the hard way, and now my passion is helping women like you find a better path to balanced health results!

Let's get you on track with food, fitness & body love!

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Get ready to go from frustrated to free!

Tired of struggling with constant dieting, food guilt, stress eating and negative self-talk about your body? Want to create structure and consistency in your healthy habits, without going into restriction-mode? It's possible!

Coaching for Women Who Want Ease & Flow with Food & Body

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Start with one of my most popular articles and go from there! I've got food and body tips galore on the blog. So grab a cup of coffee, your fave pen and a notebook and dive in!


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Whether you're looking to uplevel your meal planning, kickstart an effective fitness routine, and/or heal a negative relationship with food & body, you'll find an option in my offerings.


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- Kim V.

“Tessie taught me why it's so important to take time with food. Now I'm more satiated when I eat.”

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I'm Tessie, your new inner voice.

I always love it when my clients tell me "I hear you in my head reminding me I'm doing great and inspiring me to keep taking action." We all need an accountabilibuddy when it comes to personal growth and healthy habits. I'll be yours!

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5 Healthy Habit Roadblocks (mistakes) to Avoid

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3 Steps to Better Body Image Right Now!

Do you have a sentence in your head that goes something like "once I lose 10 lbs, then I'll be: happy, sexy, confident, lovable, worthy, beautiful..."? This is called the arrival paradox, once X then Y. But we know, most of the time even if we achieve X, Y doesn't magically occur. The secret? Work on Y (aka your body image) along the way! Download the Body Love Bundle to get my 3 signature steps to kickstart your body confidence!



The Body Love Bundle

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5 Secrets to Healthy Habits that Stick!

stop dieting, start living.

If you've been all or nothing, start and stop, or on again off again with your health routine, you might be making one of these mistakes. Get the workbook!