Let's get your body confidence, positive relationship with food and consistent healthy habits on point.

Scroll through this page to find my top FREE resources. Whether you're looking for body image support, overcoming diet mentality, or working on balanced, healthy goals with food and fitness, this is the best place to get started! 

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Watch the 18min workshop and use the accompanying workbook to discover where your personal negative body thoughts started. This is key to overcoming them!

The Root of Negative Body Image

3 Practices for Better Body Image

Until we begin putting practices in place, we likely won't overcome any challenge. It's time for some action steps to create true body love!

Start here: The body love bundle! you'll learn... 

How to Let Go of Toxic Thoughts

You'll also get my Guided Body Confidence Meditation! Listen to this every morning or evening as part of your new body love routine. These affirmations will help your subconscious let go of lifelong negative beliefs, and build new, empowering self-love & body confidence. Your body is waiting, download now!

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The H.A.P.I.E Goal Masterclass!

Are you ready to transform your healthy habits? Want to get consistent with healthy eating and workouts, but in a way that fits your lifestyle? My HAPIE Goal Method™ is totally for you! Watch the masterclass and get a sample of my signature goal guide & habit tracker too.

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Take the Food Personality Quiz!

We all grow up to have a certain relationship with food. Our beliefs and approach can be like a personality. In my quiz, learn your food belief personality type! Are you the apple, the beet or the carrot?!


This workbook, video and guided affirmations give you strategies to shift into more body confidence right now! Grab the bundle and gain momentum on your body love journey today.

Body Love Bundle

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"I made a ton of progress toward loving my body & taking care of myself.

I love using Tessie's goal guide to establish doable goals for food, fitness & mindset!"

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"I love Tessie's online course.

It doesn’t just focus on food or diets.

It works through how mindset & wellness are interconnected. "


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"Tessie's coaching was personalized just for me.

I liked the accountability of weekly goals & homework which helped me form sustainable habits going forward."

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Yes, It Really IS Possible

5 Healthy Habit Roadblocks (mistakes) to Avoid

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Body Love Bundle!

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