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I help people ditch negative body image and diet mentality so they can actually create a sustainable, empowering, FUN wellness routine that gets results and allows them to finally feel confident, consistent, balanced, and happy with their body. Whether you're looking to lose weight sustainably, get motivated with fitness, or learn how to plan healthier meals, I got you! I offer 1:1 coaching, online courses, corporate wellness coaching and consulting, and I have a goal guide & habit tracker featuring my signature HAPIE Goal Method™. 

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You're in the right place.

I've been there. Before I found eating psychology, emotional intelligence and crossfit... I was a walking lie. I seemed happy enough, but in my head, I was always comparing my body to others,  judging it, counting calories, weighing myself daily, and in a constant battle with food.

I would be "good" for a while, eating healthy and thinking I didn't need treats, then I would lose control and binge on pastries. If you are at the end of your rope and want to experience a quiet mind when it comes to food, and a positive relationship with your body...

You're sick of dieting. You know you are "supposed to" love your body, but it feels like that won't happen until you've lost weight. You know you need a new approach. You just want someone to tell you what works.

"Instead of cutting things from my diet, Tessie helped me understand the mindset I had with food.  It allowed me to make solid and realistic modifications to my lifestyle."

got new lasting habits:



"Tessie helped me with my macronutrients and fitness. I finally found my secret to getting toned without giving up social events and foods I love!"

toned up without dieting:


real results

My signature course, Food & Body Breakthrough, is a self-paced 7-step program to help you reframe negative food & body beliefs, and approach food, fitness and weight goals in a sustainable way! Enroll HERE.


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“when life gives you lemons,  make a lemon tart & enjoy it!”


You've been struggling for years with body image, weight, dieting or unwanted eating habits. Get a complete personalized plan & accountability!



Not only will you discover the root of your food & body challenges, you'll have the exact, step-by-step plan from me in order to breakthrough, transform, and finally get to a place of body confidence, consistent fitness, and healthy (yet balanced) eating. Book a discovery call to learn what's included!

Transform your food, fitness and mindset habits with one-on-one support. This is the most in-depth, personalized package!


The Food & Body Breakthrough Course

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The Food & Body Breakthrough course can be done on your own time. Pssst. also, when you buy it through the link below, it includes a special discount, and a BONUS 1:1 coaching call with me!

By working on your relationship with food & body, any habits you form after that will come easier and with less effort!


You want a step-by-step process to improve food & body mindset so you can get back to meal planning, your fitness routine & your life without obsessing about calories or gaining weight.

Your company or group is looking for a wellness coach, speaker or consultant. I offer private & group coaching, workshops, challenges and more!


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I bring over 15 years of experience as a top-ten collegiate cheerleader, bodybuilding champion & crossfit athlete; not to mention overcoming the physical and mental challenges of having a congenital heart condition.

 I've been featured on various media platforms such as Well+Good, Experience Life Magazine, USA Today College, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed and more.

I've also worked with various companies and universities, including Bank of America, Assurant, MindBody, National Grid, George Washington University, University of Southern California, Westinghouse, Nissan and others.

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"I made a ton of progress toward loving my body & taking care of myself.

I love using Tessie's goal guide to establish doable goals for food, fitness & mindset!"

dropped diet mentality


"I love Tessie's online course.

It doesn’t just focus on food or diets.

It works through how mindset & wellness are interconnected. "


healed her negative body image

"Tessie's coaching was personalized just for me.

I liked the accountability of weekly goals & homework which helped me form sustainable habits going forward."

finally stuck to her habits


Yes, It Really IS Possible


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