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Your Simple 5-Step Weekly Meal Planning Routine

June 2, 2023

Tired of asking “what’s for dinner”? Use this simple 5-step weekly meal planning routine! Take 1 hour to prep for the week ahead, and you’ll learn how to save time, money and energy. Get started with the 5-step weekly meal planning process here!

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Welcome to the blog. I hope you love nerding out on goal-setting, habits, and all things food and fitness as much as I do. My goal is to create actionable tips and tools for you with every post. Enjoy!


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Save time, money and energy with this easy meal planning process!

Are you ready to rock your meal planning game? 

Let’s face it, life can get hectic, and figuring out what to eat every day can be a real headache. I always joke that the worst question to hear at the end of the day is the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” 

I mean, we’re already tired and our decision fatigue is real by the end of a long and busy work day. The last thing we should be stressing about is what to eat. And if we are unprepared AND hungry, that’s when our healthy decisions can take a back seat to fast food and cravings.

So I wanted to share my super simple 5-step weekly meal planning routine that will have you feeling prepared, relaxed and balanced with food. So grab your coffee, turn on the ASMR, and let’s make meal planning fun!

Step 1: Clean Out the Fridge (Say Bye-Bye to Funky Stuff)

Okay, let’s get real—no one wants to cook in a fridge that’s a hot mess. Toss out any expired goods and wave goodbye to those long-forgotten leftovers. 

Trust me, a clean and organized fridge is the foundation for meal planning success. As you work on meal planning, the goal is to throw away less food overall… just a little extra perk of building your meal-planning muscle!

Step 2: Choose Meals for the Week (A Menu Fit for a High Achiever)

Now that you’ve done a cleanout, you can take inventory of what you have in the house. Think through some yummy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options to see what you can build off of that you already have. Got peanut butter?

Great! Maybe snack #1 is nut butter on a rice cake with berries. Make a note of items you need to buy for the next step. 

Mix things up by selecting 1-2 meal options and rotate them throughout the week. Breakfast? You could alternate between drool-worthy overnight oats and a plate of sizzling eggs, & bacon. 

Step 3: Plan it Out (Make it Real)

Time to whip out your planning pencil! Consider your schedule—work, yoga classes, nights out with friends—and let your meals form around those commitments. By visualizing the week ahead, you’ll be able to create a meal plan that’s as flawless as you.

DON’T worry about having every single meal planned to a T. I usually leave all of Saturday and Sunday, and usually Friday night completely open.

It’s important to allow for balance and flexibility, so that this process doesn’t start to feel like a restrictive, rule-laden diet. 

Step 4: Make a List (Always have a list when you go to the store)

Now that you’ve got your meals planned out, it’s time to hit the grocery store (in person, delivered or pick up). Take a good look at your recipes and jot down all the ingredients you need. 

And remember, stick to the list! No room for those tempting impulse buys. Ok, maybe one… but the list is a helpful budget tool!

Step 5: Prep and Cook (Masterchef in the Making)

Get ready to werk it in the kitchen! Whether you prefer a meal prepping marathon or a few mini sessions throughout the week, it’s time to get ‘er done. 

Embrace the art of batch cooking by making extra servings of things like roasted veggies or grilled chicken. Prepping ingredients ahead of time will be your saving grace later in the week. 

Take time now to save time later.


Alright, you’ve just conquered the meal planning game like a boss! Remember, it’s all about finding what works for you, so don’t sweat the small stuff. 

With this 5-step weekly routine, you’ll strut into the kitchen with confidence, save time, and indulge in delicious, nourishing meals fit that taste great.

So go ahead, embrace your inner culinary genius, and let’s make meal planning an easy but fun affair! Bon appétit, yo!

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