Your Healthy Summer Bucket List

Whether you’re trying to brainstorm healthy habits or exciting activities, this healthy bucket list has got ya covered. Let’s explore 10 feel-good things to do in Summertime, so you can make the most of the sunny days.

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Your Simple 5-Step Weekly Meal Planning Routine

Tired of asking “what’s for dinner”? Use this simple 5-step weekly meal planning routine! Take 1 hour to prep for the week ahead, and you’ll learn how to save time, money and energy. Get started with the 5-step weekly meal planning process here!

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11 Healthy Habits Perfect for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and renew your health and wellness routine. The warmer weather, longer days, and blooming flowers make it the perfect time to take stock of your physical, mental, and emotional health. From getting outside and practicing mindful eating to incorporating affirmations and practicing self-care, there are plenty of ways to feel your best this season. By making small, sustainable changes to your routine, you can create a sense of balance, vitality, and well-being that will carry you through the rest of the year. So why not embrace the spirit of Spring and start incorporating these healthy habits into your routine today?

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Welcome to the Blog

You'll find everything from weight loss tips (non-diet ones of course!) to recipes, to healthy habit goal-setting tips and tools. I create weekly content here to help you ditch diet mentality, while still working on your food, fitness and mindset goals! Dive on in!

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love your body & eat your cake too

I was thinking about relationship to food today because, well, I’m currently 6 months pregnant and had a hard and fast craving for cookie dough earlier! 🍪 My kitchen was already a mess, and yet there I was pulling out all the ingredients and my mixer to make edible cookie dough.  Craving satisfied! 😋 I ate […]

How to Improve Your Relationship with Food: 3 Tips

Food Tips

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